David and I collaborated on a project that resulted in a collection of six unique pieces of digital art. The collection showcases a balance between positive and negative space, and a harmonious integration of different artistic movements.

Our inspiration came from the art movements of cubism, fauvism, and Bauhaus, but we wanted to add a contemporary twist to create something unique. We achieved this by using volumetric shapes and gradient elements in a way that creates a sense of spatial distribution and juxtaposition, resulting in a stunning visual experience.

Each piece in the collection is a testament to the power of shape, form, and color to create compelling artwork. The use of primary shapes gives the pieces a sense of simplicity and clarity.
Working with friends on personal projects is a great way to test new ideas and learn new skills while having fun. Let's commit to exploring new things and creating innovative solutions together, all while enjoying the process.

Project created by Pol Solà & David Pocull
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