My name is David Pocull, I am a highly experienced freelance motion designer with a punchy,
clean and graphic style. I work as a director focusing on my passion for animation
& illustration with humour and heart.
Living in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Art Direction, 2D Design and Animation, 3D Design and Illustration

Adobe Creative Suite, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Redshift, Figma
Learning: AI Stable Diffusion, Spline & Rive 

Select Clients 
Meta, Samsung, Wired Magazine, BBC, Monty Python, Time Warner, Adult Swim, Camper, Target, Minute Maid, Animal Planet, State Farm, Mountain Dew, Universal...

Dress Code, Wonderlust, Strange Beast, The Furrow, Roger, Los York, Brand New School, Oddfellows, Royale, Buck, Eyeball NYC, Mathematic, Black Math, Sarofsky, Eido, Anchor Point, Awesome Inc., Visual Creatures, The Academy, Shilo... 

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